Winner Announcement of Our Gift Basket Giveaway

KIMBERLY KLING! You are the winner of our Gift Basket Giveaway! Thanks for casting your vote for our next project.

If any of you still wish to vote, you can do so here. We’ll be making announcements on our blog about our upcoming books and decks, and we’ll also share with you the contents of Kimberly’s new goodie gift basket!

And Kimberly? We’re waiting to hear from you with your shipping address. Christmas has come early for you and our shipping elves are eagerly awaiting your direction!

Choose Our Next Project

Help us choose which project to launch!

It should come as no surprise that Angi & Silas have many projects in development at any given time. Independent projects we think are just FUN, or projects developed for specific publishers, are sitting on our desk pretty much year round. But the publishing world changes, as do our whims, and many projects don’t see the light of day. We’re thinking about changing that with crowd funding, via

We’re giving away $50 in Duirwaigh goodies to one voter who helps us decide what to publish! To vote, and to enter for our giveaway, see details below.

1. Guardian: Cemeteries and Their SentinelsTHE BOOK! Over 200 pages of inspiration straight from the heart of the Old World. Featuring the photography of Angi & Silas, as well as musings from Angi.

See pictures from our Guardian project. Or watch our little film we put together in 2005: Click here to see the Guardian film


Guardian – Cemeteries and their Centinels – A coffee table book by Angi & Silas

2. My Wish for You: THE BOOK! Based on our popular film by the same name, My Wish for You brings to life the enchantment and power behind wishing. Created in a gift book format, the perfect gift for someone you love.

Watch the film the book is based on.

My Wish for You – The Book

3. A Knock at the Door: Inspiration Card Deck
Based on our popular film by the same name, A Knock at the Door Inspiration Deck is filled with 42 cards, each with its own inspiring message. Access the magical realms of Otherwhere, and receive messages to enchant your everyday life.

Watch the film the card deck is based on.

A Knock at the Door Oracle Card Deck

4. A Mouse’s Tale, in Pictures! 
A little mouse, a big heart, and the tale of how an orphaned blind and deaf mouse touched the lives of those who raised him. Follow his adventures from the day Angi & Silas found him starving on their washing room concrete floor, til the day they said goodbye.

Visit the Mouse’s page with films, pictures and text.

Little Big Love – A Mouse’s Tale in Pictures

Vote by September 15th… 

…and we’ll choose one voter at random, and award a Duirwaigh Gift Pack (with all kinds of goodies inside!) valued at $50.

How to Vote

Enter the project number in the comment section. Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on the project you’d like to see published first. Votes after Sept. 15 will be welcome but won’t be eligible for the Giveaway

The Invisible

It takes practice to see the invisible, to achieve the impossible. But it is your birthright and your ultimate joy, to do both.

New for our summer card collection, available in August.

Prints are already available on ETSY!

Art for New Moms

We field requests for art and/or greetings that can be given to new mothers. AT LAST! With the birth of a grand-niece (for Angi) and a new embryo-child for Silas (still don’t know if its a boy or girl) we decided to make this little storybook enchantment. Soon to be a new card by Tree Free Greetings (August) and the print is already up in our etsy shop, too!


Greeting Card Season is Here!

As we settle into the summer, also known as Greeting Card Season in our studio (for its when we dream up most of our new lines for the next year) Im looking at this card today. It’s still one of our best sellers, and it was released in our first season in 2008. In today’s ever-changing world, that’s a real accomplishment I’d say. And I believe its performance power comes from its message.

Do what you love. Love what you do. For in that bliss, life bursts into bloom.

A little addage I wrote, and believe in. I’d like to have it tattooed to my forehead, so that when I start to worry, I find my way back to bliss.